Christening of Princess Leona
Location Royal Chapel of Stockholm Palace, Sweden
Date 21 September 2001
The Christening of Princess Leona of Sweden, Duchess of Öland took place on 18 July 2001 at the Royal Chapel of Stockholm Palace, Sweden.

Ceremony Edit

The names Edit

Leona's given names are:

Leona - In French, American, Latin and Greek, Leona means a Lion/Lioness, Feminine of Leon.

Victoria - her second name after her godmother and paternal aunt, Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden.

Ingrid - after her paternal great-great aunt and her maternal great-grandmother, Ingrid of Sweden.

Silvia - after her paternal grandmother, Queen Silvia of Sweden

Benedikte - after her maternal grandmother, Princess Benedikte of Denmark

Godparents Edit

Princess Leona's godparents are:

Guests Edit

See: List of christening guests of Princess Leona, Duchess of Öland

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