Empress consort of Japan

Empress Michiko
Tenure 7 January 1989 – present
Enthronement 12 November 1990
Spouse Emperor Akihito
Naruhito, Crown Prince of Japan
Fumihito, Prince Akishino
Sayako, Princess Nori
Full name
Michiko (美智子)
House Imperial House of Japan
Father Hidesaburo Shōda
Mother Fumiko Soejima
Born October 20, 1934 (1934-10-20) (age 82)
University of Tokyo Hospital,
Tokyo, Japan
Religion Shinto
prev. Roman Catholicism
Empress Michiko (皇后 美智子 Kōgō Michiko), née Michiko Shōda (正田 美智子 Shōda Michiko, born 20 October 1934), is the empress consort of Japan as the wife of Emperor Akihito, the current monarch of Japan reigning from 7 January 1989. She succeeded her mother-in-law, Empress Nagako (Kōjun), consort of the late Emperor Hirohito (Shōwa).

Michiko married Crown Prince Akihito and became Crown Princess of Japan until the death of Emperor Hirohito. She was the first commoner to marry into the Japanese Imperial Family. She had three children with her husband, and her elder son, Naruhito, is the current heir to the Chrysanthemum throne. As crown princess and later as empress, she has become the most visible and widely travelled imperial consort in Japanese history.

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