Prince Daniel
Prince of Sweden
The Duke of Västergötland

Prince Daniel.jpeg
Prince Daniel in May 2013
Spouse Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden (m. 2010)
Princess Estelle (b. 2012)
Prince Oscar (b. 2016)
Full name
Olof Daniel Westling Bernadotte
House House of Bernadotte
Father Olle Gunnar Westling
Mother Ewa Maria Westling
Born 15 September 1973 (1973-09-15) (age 44)
Örebro University Hospital, Örebro, Sweden
Religion Lutheran
Church of Sweden

Prince Daniel of Sweden and The Duke of Västergötland (Olof Daniel Westling; born 15 September 1973) is the husband of Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, the eldest child and daughter of Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden.

Early lifeEdit

Daniel was born in Örebro (on the day his future father-in-law became King of Sweden) while his parents lived in the Brickebacken area there, and grew up in Ockelbo. He is the son of Olle Gunnar and Anna Ewa Kristina Westling (née Westring) and has a sister named Anna (Mrs B Mikael) Söderström. After having completed school, he briefly served, as part of national conscription, in the Swedish Army at Hälsinge regemente in Gävle. In 2001 he met the Crown Princess as he became her personal trainer.

On 1 July 2008, he moved to a one-bedroom rental apartment in the Pagebyggnaden building in an area of Drottningholm Palace. The move was confirmed by the Royal Court.

Education and WorkEdit

Prince Daniel attended Rabo Primary School and Perslunda School in Ockelbo, and later Hammar Upper Secondary School in Sandviken. He graduated from upper secondary school in 1991.

Prince Daniel spent many of his summers working, including at a home for the elderly in Ockelbo.

After graduating from upper secondary school, The Prince worked within elderly care in Ockelbo again while waiting to begin his military service. He carried out his military service at I14 in Gävle. 

When he had completed his military service, Prince Daniel worked for just over a year at a school and recreation centre for children with special needs. 

Prince Daniel moved to Stockholm in 1994 to study at the Lillsved Sports Folk High School. He studied the youth recreation leader programme here from 1994-1996, focusing on sport.

Prince Daniel worked for a fitness company while studying at folk high school. After completing his course he began working for the fitness company full-time. While working at the fitness company, The Prince also taught on a course for personal trainers and body building coaches.

Entrepreneurship Edit

Prince Daniel started his own company in 1997 and worked as a consultant in the fitness industry. He then went on to run his own gym, Master Training, together with a colleague. Master Training expanded and now has two gyms in central Stockholm. 

In 2006, he started the company Balance, a gym featuring a new concept, also situated in central Stockholm. The company now has approximately 100 employees. Together, the gyms have around 5,000 members.

Studies Edit

During the spring term of 2011, Prince Daniel studied physiology, physical activity and health. He continued his studies in physiology in autumn 2011. He studied growth and physical development in children and young people in relation to physical activity and illness. 

As previously, his studies took the form of commissioned courses with teaching staff from Karolinska Institutet. During the autumn, he completed studies worth 7.5 higher education credits. 

In spring 2013, The Prince continued his studies with courses worth 7.5 higher education credits in geriatrics and pathology.

Personal LifeEdit

Main article: Wedding of Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, and Daniel Westling

On 24 February 2009, Westling and the Crown Princess received official permission to become engaged from King Carl XVI Gustaf and the Government of Sweden. Such permission is necessary according to the terms of the Swedish Act of Succession.

Westling suffered from a congenital (but not hereditary) ailment causing impaired renal function. Three months after his engagement, on 28 May 2009, Westling underwent a kidney transplant at Karolinska University Hospital. His father was the donor. The operation was a success. Victoria could not be present when the operation took place because she was performing royal duties in Greenland.

The wedding took place in Stockholm Cathedral on 19 June 2010, the 34th anniversary of her parents' wedding.

After their wedding on 19 June 2010, the Duke and Duchess of Västergötland moved in to Haga Palace.

Children Edit

On 17 August 2011, The Swedish royal court announced that Prince Daniel and Crown Princess Victoria were expecting their first child in March 2012. On 23 February 2012, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel welcomed their first child, a daughter.

On 4 September 2015, The Swedish Royal Court announced that Prince Daniel and Crown Princess Victoria were expecting their second child, due in March 2016. On 2 March 2016, at 20:28, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel welcomed their second child, a son.

Godchildren Edit

Prince Daniel is the godfather of his wife's nephew, Prince James, Duke of Södermanland (born 27 Jan 2005), he is the second child and first son of Daniel's friend, Prince Carl Fredrik and his wife, Princess Nathalie.

Groundbreaking titlesEdit

Sweden has practiced absolute primogeniture by law only since 1980 (SFS 1979:932, passing the law in 1979, which came into constitutional force in 1980). This means that Victoria is the first heiress apparent, and questions arose as to how Daniel Westling would be known after their marriage.

When Carl XVI Gustaf married Silvia Sommerlath in 1976, he discontinued the established norm that Swedish princes must marry royalty to be eligible to inherit the throne. But men, royal or not, had only twice before, in the 13th and 17th centuries, obtained new title or rank as the spouse of a Swedish princess, and even three queens regnant left no clear precedent. Margaret (reigned 1388–1412) was the widow of Haakon VI of Norway and Christina (reigned 1632–1654) was unmarried. The most recent Ulrika Eleonora (reigned 1718–1720) was already married during her tenure as queen regnant: her husband, Frederick, was given the title "Royal Highness" during his tenure as consort, a title granted to him by the estates. Ulrika Eleonora later abdicated so her consort Frederick—who was born a prince of Hesse-Kassel—could be king. In Daniel's case, the Swedes were treading on new ground.

The Swedish Royal Court announced that Westling would become "Prince Daniel" and "Duke of Västergötland", corresponding in form to the style used by previous Swedish princes, including Victoria's younger brothers Prince Carl Fredrik, Duke of Västerbotten and Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Värmland, i.e. Prince + Given name + Duke of [Place]. Prince Daniel's getting his wife's ducal title jure uxoris was something new for a royal male consort in Sweden.

As further announced in May 2010, on his wedding day Westling was made a Prince of Sweden and was granted the style Royal Highness, making him an official member of the Swedish Royal Family and on a par with other senior members of the Royal Family, such as Prince Carl Fredrik, Princess Nathalie, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Madeleine and Princess Lilian. At Stockholm Cathedral, he was also then made a knight of the Royal Order of the Seraphim and already wore its badge and ribbon upon emerging after the ceremony.

Role while fiancé of the Crown PrincessEdit

After they got engaged, the prince (then still Daniel Westling) accompanied Victoria on a few official occasions:

  • March 2009 Crown Princess Victoria's name day celebration
  • March 2009 Official dinner at the Royal Palace of Stockholm
  • April 2009 Reception for Crown Princess and Mr. Daniel Westling
  • July 2009 Crown Princess's birthday celebration
  • July 2009 Lunch at Solliden for the President of South Korea
  • March 2010 Crown Princess Victoria's name day celebration
  • April 2010 King Carl XVI Gustaf's birthday celebrations


Before Daniel's engagement to Crown Princess Victoria, Daniel was a equal partner and co CEO's of Balance and Master training with Victoria's brother Prince Carl Fredrik. In November 2009 it was reported that Daniel Westling was to step down as CEO and member of the Board of Directors of the Balance company. He will still be an equity partner. It was expected that the same procedure would be followed with his involvements in other companies, before he became a Prince.

Westling's business positions are:

Balance – CEO and member of the Board of Directors (stepped down November 2009)
Master Training – CEO and member of the Board of Directors
Brasil Development – member of the Board of Directors

Titles, styles, and honoursEdit

Titles and stylesEdit

  • 15 September 1973 – 19 June 2010: Mr Olof Daniel Westling
  • 19 June 2010 – present: His Royal Highness Prince Daniel, The Duke of Västergötland

Daniel's style and title in full: His Royal Highness Prince Daniel of Sweden, Duke of Västergötland


  • Sweden: Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Order of the Seraphim (LoK av KMO)
  • Sweden: Knight Commander of the Royal Order of the Polar Star (KNO2kl)
  • Sweden: Recipient of the Ruby Jubilee Medal of King Carl XVI Gustaf
  • Sweden: Recipient of the 70th Birthday Badge Medal of King Carl XVI Gustaf

Foreign honours Edit

  • Chile: Grand Cross of the Order of Bernardo O'Higgins
  • Estonia: Grand Cross of the Order of the Cross of Terra Mariana
  • Finland: Grand Cross of the Order of the White Rose of Finland
  • Tunisia: Grand Officer of the Order of Merit