Princess of Akishino

Princess Kako of Japan
Full name
Kako (佳子)
House Imperial House of Japan
Father Fumihito, Prince Akishino
Mother Kiko, Princess Akishino
Born December 29, 1994 (1994-12-29) (age 22)
Imperial Household Agency Hospital, Tokyo, Japan
Religion Shinto

Princess Kako of Akishino (佳子内親王 Kako Naishinnō; born 29 December 1994), is the second daughter of Fumihito, Prince Akishino and Kiko, Princess Akishino, and a member of the Japanese Imperial Family. She is the second-born granddaughter of reigning Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko.


In April 2001, Princess Kako began her schooling at Gakushin Primary School, which she graduated from in 2007. From here, she entered Gakushūin Girls' High School Tokyo in April 2007. She graduated in March 2012. After completing high school, Princess Kako spent some time studying English at Trinity College in Dublin. In April 2013, she attended the entrance ceremony of Gakushūin University and began life as a university student.

From 7 August until 21 August 2013, Princess Kako accompanied her parents and sister to Thailand to celebrate the 71st birthday of Queen Sirikit and for conferment of an honorary fellowship from Ubon Ratchathani University, and for joint research on poultry.

The Princess has an elder sister, Princess Mako, and a younger brother, Prince Hisahito.

Princess Kako is a talented figure skater and enjoys sewing. In 2007 she represented Meijijingu Gaien Figure Skating Club and joined the Spring Cup Figure Skating Competition held by the Japanese Skating Federation. Princess Kako ranked top of the Shinjuku division (Female Group B - Primary School Year Six or above).

Titles and stylesEdit

  • 29 December 1994 – present: Her Imperial Highness Princess Kako of Akishino


Ancestors of Princess Kako of Akishino
16. Yoshihito, Emperor Taishō
8. Hirohito, Emperor Shōwa
17. Lady Sadako Kujō
4. Akihito, Emperor of Japan
18. Kuniyoshi, 2nd Imperial Prince Kuni
9. Princess Nagako of Kuni
19. Princess Shimazu Chikako
2. Prince Akishino
20. Teiichirō Shōda
10. Hidesaburō Shōda
21. Kinu Shōda
5. Michiko Shōda
22. Tsunatake Soejima
11. Fumiko Soejima
23. Aya Soejima
1. Princess Kako of Akishino
24. Shoichiro Kawashima
12. Takahiko Kawashima
25. Shima Kawashima
6. Tatsuhiko Kawashima
26. Shiro Ikegami
13. Itoko Ikegami
27. Hama Kosuge
3. Kiko Kawashima
28. Yoshitaro Sugimoto
14. Yoshisuke Sugimoto
7. Kazuyo Sugimoto
30. Shuntaro Hattori
15. Eiko Hattori

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