Princess Kira Astrid
Princess Royal of Germany, Princess of Prussia, Prince of Nassau and Archduchess of Austria

Full name
Kira Astrid Marie Louise Donata Josephine
House House of Hohenzollern
House of Habsburg-Lorraine
Father Georg Friedrich I, German Emperor
Mother Archduchess Marie Christine of Austria
Born 15 May 2000 (age 17)
New Palace of Berlin, Germany
Religion Lutheran

HRH The Princess Kira Astrid, Princess Royal of Germany (Kira Astrid Louise Marie Donata Josephine; born 15 May 2000) is the third child and first daughter of Georg Friedrich I, German Emperor and Archduchess Marie Christine of Austria. She is the twin sister of Prince Christian Alexander of Prussia.

Birth, Family and Early Life Edit

Princess Kira was born at 07:48 CET on 15 May 2000 at the New Palace of Berlin. As the younger twin and first daughter of Georg Friedrich I, German Emperor and his first wife, Archduchess Marie Christine of Austria.

Her birth was greeted by 21-gun salutes. Her names and titles were announced the day after his birth on 16 May 2000 by her father, The Emperor, her paternal grandmother was present at a cabinet meeting a thanksgiving service was held to celebrate the twin's birth in attendance was their father, their elder brother, their maternal and paternal grandparents, their maternal great-grandfather and their aunt and uncles from both families.

The Princess has a twin brother, one elder brother and one younger sister:

The Princess and his siblings have seven half-siblings from both their parents' second marriages

From her father's second marriage, he has four half-siblings, three brothers and one sister:

From her mother's second marriage, he has three half-siblings, two younger brother's and one sister:

On 17 November 2006, Princess Kira Astrid was six years old when her parents announced their separation and intention to divorce and then four months later they announced that they were divorcing. On 26 March 2007, It was announced that they were officially divorced after ten years of marriage, Kira was nearly seven years old when her parents divorced.

Kira's parents share joint custody of her, her elder brothers and his sister. Kira and her younger sister have lived with their mother since her parent's divorced. Her brothers officially reside with their father and visit their mother regularly every month.

Kira Astrid and Christian Alexander were eight years old when she and his siblings, Wilhelm Ferdinand, (aged 10) and Victoria Marie, (aged 4) watched their mother marry for the second time on 6 December 2008, to Count Rodolphe de Limburg-Stirum in Mechelen, Brussels, Belgium. The Princess and her brother were a pageboy and bridesmaid, while his elder brother walked with their mother and maternal grandfather her sister, Victoria Marie was a bridesmaid.

Family History Edit

Kira is a great-great-great-granddaughter of Wilhelm II, German Emperor and a great-grandson of Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg and Princess Josephine-Charlotte of Belgium .

She is related to most of the Royal Families and Royal Houses of Europe.

She is the paternal granddaughter and third grandchild of the late Prince Louis Ferdinand Sr of Prussia and Donata, Countess of Castell-Rüdenhausen and her maternal grandparents are Archduke Carl Christian and Archduchess Marie Astrid of Austria.

Just after her father's first birthday, his grandfather was involved in a severe accident during military manoeuvres, where he was pinned between two vehicles. Although his leg was amputated, he succumbed several weeks later to the trauma and died on 11 July 1977. before the birth of his daughter (Princess Kira's aunt) Princess Cornelie-Cecile of Prussia, six months later on 30 January 1978.

On 10 January 2005, Princess Kira Astrid was five years old when her maternal great-grandmother, Princess Josephine-Charlotte of Belgium after long suffering from lung cancer at her home, Fischbach Castle, she was aged 87 at the time of death, her family was present. Princess Charlotte-Joséphine's funeral was held at Notre-dame cathedral, Luxembourg, On 10 January 2005.

On 5 September 2015, Princess Kira Astrid was 15 years old when his paternal grandmother, Donata, Countess of Castell-Rüdenhausen died from a long illness at the age of 65. On 15 September 2015, Princess Kira with her father, her stepmother, her step-grandfather and widow, her brothers and sister attended her grandmother's funeral.

Christening Edit

Princess Kira and her brother, Prince Christian Alexander were christened at the Grand Imperial Church of Peace, on 10 September 2000 (a month before their elder brother's 2nd birthday).

Education Edit

Royal Duties Edit

The Princess celebrates and attends the birthdays of her father, The Emperor and her eldest brother, Crown Prince every year since 2008. The Emperor and The Crown Prince have both been dedicated with a birthday concert which are called Königsday (10 June) and Kronprinz's day (10 October) they are four months apart which the Princess attends both.

Royal Functions Edit

On 19 May 2000, four-day-old Princess Kira and her brother Christian Alexander were carried out by their mother and father onto the Royal Balcony and was introduced to the nation by their father, The Emperor, his mother was present with her 1-year-old brother Wilhelm Ferdinand.

On 16 October 2003, The three-year-old twins Princess Kira Astrid and Prince Christian Alexander made their first public appearances and opened two new train stations, one in Mecklenburg and one in Ravensberg.

On 10 June 2006, Six-year-old Princess Kira celebrated her father's 30th birthday with her elder brothers and younger sister by appearing on the balcony and the coach ride through Prussia. There was also a church service to celebrate the birth of his father.

On 29 September 2006, Six-year-old Princess Kira with her mother, her elder brothers (aged 8) and (aged 6)and his younger sister (aged 2) attended the wedding of his mother's first cousin, Prince Louis of Luxembourg to Miss Tessy Antony, later Princess Tessy of Luxembourg, they divorced 11 years later in 2017.

In July 2011, Eleven-year-old Princess Kira with her elder siblings, Wilhelm Ferdinand (aged 12), Christian Alexander (aged 11) and Victoria Marie (aged 7) attended the christening of their half-brother, Archduke Léopold of Austria, he is the son of his mother and his stepfather, Count Rodolphe.

On 20 October 2012, 12-year-old Princess Kira with her mother, stepfather, and her elder brothers, Wilhelm Ferdinand (aged 14), Christian Alexander (aged 12) and younger sister Victoria Marie (aged 8) attended the Wedding of Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg, and Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy , her mother's first cousin is The Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg. her father and stepmother were also in attendance, she and her sister was a bridesmaids.

On 18 June 2013, 13-year-old Princess Kira with her two elder siblings, Wilhelm Ferdinand (aged 14), Christian Alexander (aged 13) and younger sister Victoria Marie (aged 9) attended the christening of their twin brothers, Prince Carl Friedrich and Prince Louis Ferdinand, both aged 5 months, they are the children of his father and stepmother

On 21 September 2013, Princess Kira (aged 13), with her mother, stepfather and her two elder brothers, Wilhelm Ferdinand (aged 14), Christian Alexander (aged 13) and sister Victoria Marie (aged 9) attended the wedding of her mother's cousin, Prince Félix of Luxembourg and Miss Claire Lachemader, later Princess Claire of Luxembourg.

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