The Antique Corsage Tiara


Queen Anne-Marie of Greece

The tiaraEdit

Queen Victoria of Sweden first owned this tiara, the piece was then inherited to Queen Ingrid of Denmark (the granddaughter of Victoria). Ingrid, then, gave it to her daughter, Princess Anne-Marie as a 18th birthday present. the tiara has many pearls, and diamonds, and it's made with silver.

Queen Anne-Marie wears the tiara on occasion, Crown Princess Marie-Chantal, doesn't wear it that much. While, Princess Alexia only wore it once, same with Princess Tatiana - at her wedding day. Although, Princess Theodora wears it very often.


  • Queen Ingrid of Denmark (Worn as a brooch)
  • Queen Anne-Marie of Greece
  • Princess Alexia of Greece
  • Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece
  • Princess Theodora of Greece
  • Princess Tatiana of Greece

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