Wedding of Georg Friedrich and Marie Christine
Parents Donata, Countess of Castell-Rüdenhausen
Archduke Carl Christian of Austria
Archduchess Marie Astrid of Austria
Groomsmen Duke Paul-Vladimir of Oldenburg (his step-brother and first cousin)
Archduke Imre of Austria (the bride's brother)
Bridesmaids Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg (the bride's first cousin)
Pages Prince Sébastien of Luxembourg (the bride's first cousin)
Crown bearers Archduke Christoph of Austria
Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece
Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark
Location St Peter and Paul's Cathedral, Berlin
Date 25 and 27 August 1997
The Wedding of Georg Friedrich I, German Emperor and Archduchess Marie Christine of Austria took place on 25 and 27 August 1997 at City Hall of Potsdam and at St Peter and Paul's Cathedral

Engagement Edit

On 16 August 1996, 21-year-old Georg Friedrich I, German Emperor announced his engagement to Archduchess Marie Christine of Austria.

The wedding dates were set at The City Hall of Potsdam, on 25 August 1997 and the religious ceremony was to take place on 27 August 1997 at St Peter and Paul's Cathedral. The date was also the 950th anniversary founding of the House of Hohenzollern.

Celebrations Edit

On 17 February 1997, it was decided that the days between 1st August and the wedding date on 27 August would be the 26 days of Prussian Love. The festivities for residents and visitors such as Music, Art, Culture, Food, Design, and History the city of Potsdam had hoped for sponsor deals to pay for the arrangements.

On 22 August 1997, the government of Prussia honoured the couple with a gala performance at the Peace Concert Hall. Performers at the gala were from all over the world.

On 26 August 1997, the evening before the wedding, the annual concert in aid of the "the Queen-Empress Kira foundation" was held.

Wedding Ceremony Edit

The Wedding service began at 12:30 local time at the Grand Imperial Church of Peace in Potsdam, Prussia, with around of 1,200 guests present.

The service was conducted by Jann Jakobs, Archbishop of Potsdam assisted by Friedrich Schistein, Royal Imperial court chief chaplain and Dr Franz Leichmachen, Bishop of Bradenburg.

The Princess's wedding dress was created of Wolfgang Joop. The bride wore the family tiara of the princely family of Isenburg. At the wedding banquet, the new Queen-Empress Consport wore the Prussian meander tiara.

The bridegroom wore the mess dress uniform as Commander-in-Chief, in the German Imperial Navy with his uniform he wore the Order of the Black Eagle chain and the Prussian military order around his neck and the order of the Balck Eagle. The Emperor was wearing H.I.M Commerative Medal, The Royal Imperial Medal of Prussia, the national service medal, 100th birthday Medal of Kaiser Wilhelm II, German Kasier Wilhelm II Commemorative Medal.

Carriage Procession Edit

A carriage procession followed the ceremony, in which the wedding couple was transported through the streets of Potsdam. On their way they passed by twenty-five musical bands, twenty of which were military. Georg Friedrich and Marie Christine then proceeded in the Royal yacht over Prussian waters; the same barge that was used by Georg's grandparents, Emperor Louis Ferdinand I and Empress Kira, during their wedding in 1938. 500,000 people are estimated to have watched the Royal procession, which was nearly seven kilometres. 18 flights jets flew across the sky as the Yacht approached it's landing place, where the banquet was later held.

Wedding Banquet Edit

The wedding banquet was held on the night of the wedding day in the Hall of State at Königsberg Palace, Prussia. The Hall of State was renovated for the special occasion. 98 guests of the nearly 600 invited guests were accommodated at the main table. Cream and Red flowers were strewn over the table decorations, which included silver candelabra and silver bowls. On the seats of honour were sitting the wedding couple, the couple's parents and siblings.

Guests Edit

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