Wedding of Prince Carl Fredrik and Princess Nathalie
Parents Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden
Queen Silvia of Sweden

Richard, 6th Prince of Sayn Wittgenstein berleburg
Princess Benedikte of Denmark

Groomsmen Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Värmland
Bridesmaids Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark
Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark
Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg
Pages Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark
Prince Sébastien of Luxembourg
Location Royal Chapel of Stockholm Palace, Sweden
Date Saturday,19 June 1999

The Wedding of His Royal Highness Prince Carl Fredrik, Duke of Vasterbotten, and Her Serene Highness Princess Nathalie of Sayn Wittgenstein berleburg took place on 19 June 2000 at Slottskyran Cathedral, Stockholm. Princess Nathalie's title and style after the marriage is now Her Royal Highness Princess Nathalie, Duchess of Vasterbotten.

Engagement Edit

Prince Carl Fredrik and Princess Nathalie's engagement was announced on 25 May 1999. The wedding date was set for 12 June 2000 at Slottskyran Cathedral, Stockholm.

Preparations and Finances Edit

On 12 November 1999, the cathedral parish of Stockholm announced that 12.4 million kronor would be used for a clean up and renovation of Slottskyran Cathedral, Stockholm during the period January-April 2000. The wedding itself cost about 20 million kronor which was paid half by the Swedish Royal Family and some of the Danish Royal Family and the rest by the Swedish government from tax money. This was criticized by some Swedish subjects.

Celebrations Edit

On 10 December, it was decided that the days between the Swedish national day on June 6th and the wedding date on 12 June would be Love Stockholm 2000 days. With festivities for residents and visitors such as music, art, culture, food, design, and history, the city of Stockholm had hoped for sponsor deals to pay for the arrangements.

On 18 June 2000, a day before the marriage the parliament of Sweden honoured the couple with a private dinner for invited guests on the island of Skeppsholmen.

Wedding Ceremony Edit

The wedding service began at 15:30 local time in Slottskyran Cathedral, with around 1,000 guests present. The music in the ceremony was headed by Gustaf Sjökvist, court organist and organist for the Cathedral Parish of Stockholm. He was also in charge of the music during the wedding of Carl Fredrik's parents in 1976.

The service was conducted by Anders Wejryd, Archbishop of Uppsala. He was assisted by Lars-Göran Lönnermark, Royal Court Chief Chaplain, and Dr Antje Jackelén, Bishop of Lund. The Great Marriage Litany was sung by Åke Bonnier, Dean of the Cathedral and Royal Court Chaplain.

The Prince's brother, Prince Carl Philip served as best man. The bride's second cousin Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark, Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg and first cousin, Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark served as bridesmaids and her first cousin, Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark and Prince Sébastien of Luxembourg served as pageboys.

Prince Carl Fredrik's crown, Prince Karl XIII's crown, lay on a cushion to the right of the altar while Princess Sofia Albertina's crown lay on a cushion to the left of the altar. The crowns are part of a tradition, crowns are used in association with a person the occasion is about.

After the wedding, the bride and groom rode a horse and carriage, leading a cortege from Stockholm Palace along its outer courtyard and the went on the royal barge. The Armed Forces paraded along the procession route and after arriving at Logården, they gave the couple a 21-gun salute. On the balcony of the palace, Carl Fredrik gave a short speech to the assembled crowd of well-wishers, asserting that "Sweden is a warm country. The King then "led the crowd in a traditional Swedish 'four cheers' for the couple.

The festivities continued with dinner in the White Sea Ballroom of Stockholm Palace and dancing in Karl XI's Gallery. Fredrik Eriksson, Mathias Dahlgren, Mark Aujalay, Henrik Norström and Mattias Ljungberg were responsible for the wedding dinner. At the wedding banquet, Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden welcomed guests and toasted the couple.

Wedding Attire Edit

The bride wore an ivory satin gown by Danish designer Henrik Hviid, with the traditional Danish Royal family antique Irish lace veil and the Cartier Khedive-of-Egypt tiara.

The groom wore the mess dress model 1878 uniform of the Swedish Amphibious Corps, when he holded the rank Commander. He also wore the sash and star of the Order of the Seraphim, with the cross of the Order of the Polar Star around his neck.

Wedding Cake Edit

The colorful wedding cake contained pop rocks (fizzing candy) as a surprise for the guests.

Guests Edit

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